I’m Starting a New Gig at Thesis*!

I’ll be leading marketing at Thesis*, a crypto venture studio.

Happy New Year! 

We’re kicking off 2023 with some big news in Chan Land – I am super excited to announce that I’m joining Thesis* as Director of Marketing!

If you don’t know Thesis*, you will soon, because that’s part of my job. 😉

Thesis* is a crypto venture studio whose mission is to empower the individual. The team has developed Web3 products such as Fold App, Keep / Threshold Network, tBTC, Saddle Finance, and Tally Ho – all products that allow users to be self-sovereign and preserve their freedoms. 

Thesis* is funded by some of the most respected venture capital firms in the world, including a16z, Polychain Capital, Draper Associates, ParaFi Capital, Nascent, and others. The best in the biz!

Here’s what I’ll be doing and why I’m so pumped to join. 

My role at Thesis*

My role will consist of three main responsibilities. 

The first is to build the Thesis* brand. I’ll work on telling the Thesis* story and communicating our expertise on all things Web3 to a varied audience – from crypto veterans to newbies, investors, developers, and many others. This will entail a lot of content creation, thought leadership, and engagement across various platforms. So get ready to read, listen, and watch!

Next, I’ll support existing project teams in marketing and growth. We’ll work together to come up with marketing best practices, plan and execute new campaigns, and staff up as needed. I can’t wait to learn from my new colleagues and add value wherever I can. 

Finally, I’ll help launch new projects. Our goal is to release 1-2 new projects per year, and I’ll be involved from the earliest stages in developing the products, understanding their users, and planning for launches. With my love of entrepreneurship and startups, being a pseudo-founder 1-2 times per year is super exciting! 

These responsibilities are listed in no particular order. I’ll spend my time on whatever needs me the most, and each and every day will be different. 

Why I think this is a great fit

There are a few reasons why I’m so excited to work with Thesis*. 

First of all, I love the mission of the company and how it’s fully represented in everything they do. The organization truly believes in the individual’s right to freedom and choice, and decentralization, privacy, and self-sovereignty are at the heart of everything we create. 

Next, the team and culture are amazing. Every interaction I’ve had with each team member throughout my interview process has been nothing but positive. I got the sense that everyone truly enjoys their job, is completely aligned with the culture and mission of the firm, and gets along with each other really well. 

Finally, I’m extremely excited about my role and believe my experience and interests fit well. As you can see from above, my responsibilities are broad, with a mix of working on different aspects of marketing across projects at various stages of their life cycle. There will never be a dull moment!


If you couldn’t tell, I am so excited to start my new gig at Thesis*. There’s so much to learn and do, and I can’t wait to get started. 

If you have any feedback or questions about Thesis* and our current projects, feel free to drop me a line!

I’ll still be venture scouting for Deep Ventures in my spare time, so send any interesting crypto or AI startups my way.


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