The Network State – How Crypto and Tech Can Help Us Start New Countries

Our networks facilitate the creation of new countries in forms we haven’t seen before.  I just finished reading The Network State, a book written by entrepreneur, investor, and early cryptocurrency adopter Balaji Srinivasan.  The book explains how technology enables us to start not just new communities or movements, but entirely new countries (though in a […]

I’m Starting a New Gig at Thesis*!

I’ll be leading marketing at Thesis*, a crypto venture studio. Happy New Year!  We’re kicking off 2023 with some big news in Chan Land – I am super excited to announce that I’m joining Thesis* as Director of Marketing! If you don’t know Thesis*, you will soon, because that’s part of my job. 😉 Thesis* […]

Real Use Cases of Crypto

Crypto for Beginners – The Real Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are primarily used as a medium of exchange for their ecosystems, for governance, and to provide user rewards – not to replace fiat money.  In a prior post, I wrote about the four myths you should strike from your mind when thinking about crypto. Myth #1 is that all cryptocurrencies are trying to replace […]

Kanye Adidas

Is Cutting Ties with Kanye West a Financial Net Negative for Adidas?

I believe that ending the relationship with Ye is a financial net positive for Adidas. Here’s why.  On Tuesday, Adidas parted ways with Kanye West over his recent episodes of hate speech and anti-semitism.  Shortly after the announcement, one of my friends shared this article from the Action Network (a revered financial analysis site *sarcasm*), […]

Decentralized Networks

Crypto for Beginners: Blockchain is All About Permissionlessness

Blockchain technology facilitates permissionlessness and censorship resistance. In my last post, I mentioned how I explained the 4 myths of crypto to my friend who is starting on her crypto journey.  In this post, I’ll communicate how I continued to explain crypto to her to make her say, “Holy shit Mike, that was the best […]

On Making vs. Managing, Discipline, and Objectives

Set objectives so you don’t completely sacrifice making for managing Wow, this is the first post I’ve written on my personal blog in 16 months! Sad. And this is exactly what this article is going to be about: The reasons why I haven’t blogged in a long time The impact managing has on making Why […]

I’m Joining UTU Full Time!

I’ve been consulting for UTU for about seven months now, but I am excited to announce that I’ll be joining the team full-time as Chief Commercial Officer! UTU’s mission is to become the trust infrastructure of the entire internet, replacing anonymous star ratings, reviews, and scores as the de facto trust mechanisms of our digital […]

Beeple’s $69M NFT Sale – A Story of Consistency

Beeple’s massive NFT sale is a lesson in consistency and getting better everyday. The graphic artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, just sold an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for $69,000,000 dollars at a Christie’s auction. An NFT is a piece of digital artwork that is minted on a blockchain to prove ownership. Google the term […]

Would you choose Yale over a full-ride to a state school?

I recently tweeted this question out to my followers: And I’ve been asking this question a lot to friends and fellow parents. Assuming the world goes back to normal, a college education is still highly valued, and you’re in your current financial situation, how much is it worth to you for your child to have […]