Now I can get on with my life

Sometimes there are events that are just all-consuming and put your life on hold.  Even though they may be positive, you just want to get them over with so you can get back to living normally.

Vicky and I closed on our new home on Monday. It was an amazing feeling, but it’s a day that we sooooo wanted to get over with, because there were so many things that we need to do that hinged on that day.

Now that we’ve closed, we can move on with our lives.

We can change our address for all of our bank accounts and credit cards. We can schedule everything we need to move. Buy everything we need to buy.

There is a still a ton to do, but at least now most of them can be put in motion.

I remember back in my college days when I couldn’t wait for that last final of the semester to be over.

Or scrambling to get all the work done to meet that big deadline.

These big events or deadlines are always important; they wouldn’t be “big” if they weren’t substantial.

But I’m always so happy when they’re over with.

Now that we’ve closed on the home, I can get on with my life!

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