Change is exciting when you’re in control of it

It’s moving day today! Vicky and I are moving to our new home today and we’ll start the process of settling in.

I think change is exciting. I’ve always welcomed it in my life.

That’s why I think I was initially attracted to the consulting world, since I was put on different projects every few months and exposed to various clients and problems.

I also think my penchant for change has been the cause of me already having three different careers already.

And it’s why I love being an entrepreneur.

All of those changes were the result of my choices. Many times change occurs that’s out of our control.

When my Dad passed away, that was a big change for me that I couldn’t control.

If your organization isn’t doing well, layoffs might occur that may change your career.

Maybe a new competitor comes in and changes the course of your company.

I can be tough when change changes you.

I think it’s valuable to look ahead sometimes to see where you can control change, whether it’s in your career or personal life. Then you can identify where you might have the highest impact and create change instead of having it change you.

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