Keep it simple, silly

I think it’s best to always keep things simple, no matter what the situation is.

Are you building a product? Keep it as simple as possible while making sure your user can do what he or she has to get done.

Are you writing a blog post? If it’s about a simple topic, it’s easy to keep it simple. If the article is about a complex topic, simplify it as much as possible. Your audience will thank you for it.

Having a conversation? No need to try to impress people with big words.

No one needs more complexity in their lives.

There are certainly times when things just aren’t simple.

For instance, my life is crazy right now. Between my day job, my podcast, moving to our new home, setting up our condo to be rented, caring for a baby, and anything else that comes my way, life just isn’t simple right now.

But I can simplify it as much as possible using tools and processes.

I use Trello to manage my work tasks, and my wife and I share a personal board to keep track of everything we have to buy, do, and think about in our lives.

I use Streak to manage my email and keep track of my podcast guests.

I use a Moleskine notebook and Evernote to take notes.

I have a ton of other tools that I use to increase my productivity (I’m even writing an eBook about all of these tools, coming soon!).

You can find ways to simplify things, even if they’re not simple.

This is day 24 of my experiment to blog for 30 consecutive days.

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