My rant about the Yelp employee’s rant on Medium

A few days ago, a now former Yelp employee penned an open letter to her CEO on Medium about how she doesn’t get paid enough to get by living in San Francisco.

The way she ended the article was ridiculous – she updated the article saying that she had been let go, and she would appreciate any help finding her next job. Then she provided info for her PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash accounts. Wow.

I have some opinions on this matter.

First of all, I truly believe that everyone has a voice, no matter how low on the totem pole you are in a company or in society, for that matter. Medium and other social networks have allowed us to make our voices heard and build an audience that we may never have had access to in the past.

But there are right ways to use this voice. And this, in my mind, was the absolute wrong way.

Speak with your coworkers. Maybe they are having the same struggles, and it’s a company-wide issue that you can approach HR with.

Speak with your boss. Maybe you can create a plan where you can attain performance goals in order to get a raise.

I think this just wasn’t the way to go about using your voice.

My second point addresses the issue of work ethic.

Maybe it’s a generational difference, maybe it’s not.

I’m not going to say that it’s a “millennial thing” and that millennials believe they are all entitled. The only evidence I have of that is in the articles that I read online. I’ve worked with millennials in the past and have never felt that they were entitled.

If you’re not getting paid enough, work harder and talk to your manager to see if that hard work can get rewarded. If you need to make ends meet, get a side gig. Or just find another full-time job.

I can’t say that I’ve ever been in her position, but I’ve certainly worked hard for what I have and when things got tough, I put my head down and found a solution. Millions of other people are in tougher situations, with no college education and mouths to feed. They figure it out everyday.

The final thing I’d like to address is her decision making abilities. She had options. She could make a choice to move to another company. Or another state. She could have spoken to someone else about it, and not complain over the internet. She made a really bad decision that cost her a job. Maybe others will praise her courage and hire her, and that’s fine. Personally, I doubt her ability to make sound decisions.

Rant over.

This is day 9 of my experiment to blog for 30 consecutive days.

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