What Marc Andreessen Thinks the Future Will Look Like – A Recap of Atlantic Live


Last night, I attended The Atlantic Magazine’s “Atlantic Exchange” event, where Editor-in-Chief James Bennet interviewed tech legend Marc Andreessen at 1776. My big takeaway from the event was that Marc Andreessen is one smart dude with a finger on the pulse of the future of technology – as if you didn’t know that already.

In summary, Andreessen spoke his mind about:

  1. Bitcoin – He thinks Bitcoin and the blockchain can be the foundation for any type of online transfer (not only currency, but your car title will eventually be transferred online, too) and Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s mysterious founder, should receive a Nobel Prize. 
  2. The industries ripest for innovation – government, healthcare and education.
  3. Education
    1. In 20 years, online education will be the dominant form of education at all levels. Class sizes will exceed 100 million students from all over the world.
    2. In the future, an Ivy League education will be merely a luxury, like fur.
    3. There is so much untapped human potential because not enough people will have access to top-flight education. Online classes will change this.
  4. Drones – they’ll crowd the sky in 10 years.
  5. Curiousity and courage, aka stubbornness – the most important traits for entrepreneurial success.
  6. Failure – even though everyone in Silicon Valley embraces failure, it sucks.

I’m sure I missed some stuff, so here’s a link to the Twitter feed from the event, and the top 5 quotes from Marc from last night.

Atlantic Live was a really educational event and it was awesome to hear the thoughts of one of the greatest tech minds around. Kudos to the Atlantic team for a great show and thanks to Anna Greene and Joe Santoro for inviting me!

What are your thoughts about the event or the points that Marc Andreessen made? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “What Marc Andreessen Thinks the Future Will Look Like – A Recap of Atlantic Live

  1. Yes, while tech seems to be omnipresent, it is only beginning to have an impact on these old, stodgy, regulation-infested industries. I can’t wait to see the how these industries turn out.

  2. Wow…pretty amazing insight. I’m especially shocked about the education point. That just shows how technology is really taking over. But what a great opportunity for those that would not have had the chance. Thanks for the info. Now I know who Marc Andreessen is. 😉

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