What do you do to get out of a rut at work?

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I’m kinda stuck in a rut with work. Everything is fine and I’m still getting things done, but lately I’ve felt a little uninspired and unmotivated.

At my past jobs, there was always a set schedule, strict deadlines, and a clear cadence, so even when I felt a bit down, I was forced to stay on track and productive. Being surrounded by colleagues helped, too. And while I’m still meeting client deadlines and producing good work (I think), it’s been much more of a grind to do so. Additionally, I’m a little less excited to do some of my non-consulting projects, such as blogging, programming, working on my startup, and other tasks.

What do you do when you’re feeling a little uninspired at work?

One of the things I’m going to do is change the scenery. I’ve been pretty productive working from home for a while but I think I’ve hit a wall. So I’m going to get out more during the work day. I’ve joined a co-working space (Cove on 14th St. since they have really flexible plans) and will also work at coffee shops more often. My commute will be a little longer – 10 minutes as opposed to 30 seconds 🙂 – but I think my productivity will increase.

Other than that, I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve gone through peaks and valleys before but typically just rode them out. This time, I’d like to gather some concrete ideas, be a little more proactive and try some new things to get myself out of this rut.

So what should I do to find some inspiration? Please let me know in the comments some of the things that have worked for you.

2 thoughts on “What do you do to get out of a rut at work?

  1. I hear you on getting stuck in a rut at work. My ADD kicks in and I start acting up and goofing around more. That’s when I know I have to step outside of my routine and do something different. I get bored very easily so I consistently need a challenge or something new to focus on. So I try to come up with projects to work on and I almost always involve someone else to collaborate with me so I’m not alone. Another thing that I do is go for a mid day run. It helps me break up the work day and always sparks some energy when I return to my desk.

    I like your idea of changing your environment. That is so important especially for those that work from home. I’m sure being around like minded people in that community space will definitely help your productivity!

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