Lessons I Learned From Messing Up My Breakfast Omelette

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I’ve made an egg white omelette almost everyday for breakfast for the past few years, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Oil the pan, cook the veggies, oil the pan a little more, pour in the egg whites, move them around, flip the omelette, fold it onto the plate, done, yum.

But sometimes, like the other morning, the omelette doesn’t come out the way I expected. Maybe I didn’t put enough oil in the pan, or attempted to flip the omelette too early, or didn’t use enough wrist when I flipped the omelette. For whatever reason,  I wound up with a scrambled egg mess.

And for whatever reason, I thought about how this omelette situation parallels life and the lessons that I could take away from this experience. Yes, that’s odd. Anyway, here are the lessons I learned.

1) Figure out what you did wrong and fix it

There’s rarely a time when I mess up my omelette two days in a row. After messing up, I’ll make sure that the same mistake doesn’t happen again. Omelette got stuck to the pan? I’ll make sure to add more oil. Not enough height on the flip yesterday? I’m tossing that sucker up to the ceiling today.

This is the same as in the real world. I’ve messed up at work before, but I’ve always apologized, taken the heat, and made sure not to make the same mistake again. I’ve made relationship mistakes, rectified them, and avoided them in the future.

It’s OK to make mistakes every now and then, as long as you learn from them and get better.

2) Even when things seems bad, life goes on and you’re still alive

You messed up your omelette and now you have scrambled eggs. So what? You still have eggs. You’re still eating. You ain’t starvin.

Bad things happen sometimes. Maybe you burned a bridge, lost a client, screwed up a project, failed a test, or got dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend. Yeah, it sucks, but you’re still alive. You still have a job. There are other fish in the sea. You still have a roof over your head, family and friends. There’s always someone who is struggling more than you are, so make sure you appreciate what you have everyday.

Keep the above two lessons in mind. My breakfast would appreciate it.

Omelettes were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned From Messing Up My Breakfast Omelette

  1. Maybe you messed up your omelette cuz it’s time to change to another variation of eggs? Sunny side up, over easy, fried…? Those lessons are great and I try to keep those in mind when things don’t go my way. They’re great ways to help you move forward.

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