Everything is getting smaller and shorter – how small is too small, and how short is too short?

shrinkageseinfeld_300“I just got back from swimming in the pool, and the water was cold…significant shrinkage!”
– George Costanza, “Seinfeld”

Everything is getting smaller and shorter by the minute. True to Moore’s Law, we now have powerful computers in the palm of our hands. Our primary forms of communication are now 160 and 140 characters long. Our “videos” are now 6 seconds long.

Seth Godin wrote a great blog post over three years ago about the bandwidth-sync correlation in communications. It’s clear that the bandwidth of modern forms of communication are now minuscule, which has resulted in an increased frequency of said communications, which has caused stress and angst for us to simply keep up.

There are definite benefits to the shrinking world, but how small is too small and how short is too short, especially when it comes to communications? Facebook has made us less personal. Tweets are written, read, maybe retweeted, then basically forgotten. Text messages come and go. Vine videos are viewed and lost. On the other hand, blog posts, articles, and novels live on, and movies and TV shows are watched over and over again.

As a technologist, I love how everything is getting smaller and more powerful. As a marketer, it’s becoming harder to tell a story. As a human being, it’s difficult to stay on top of everything flying at me, and sometimes I wish life were simpler.

How has the shrinking world impacted you, both positively and negatively? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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