The Power and Weirdness of Sports

Sports is probably one of the most powerful forces in many people’s lives. Passion for your favorite teams can make you act angry and crazy or joyful and elated. It can also make you desire things you never thought you would. Here are two distinct examples.

Let’s start with craziness and anger. Last night, I watched ESPN’s “Catching Hell”, which told the story of Steve Bartman’s infamous attempt at catching the foul ball at Wrigley Field during game 6 of the 2003 NLCS (for more info, click here. It was a pretty awesome movie.). After the Cubs lost that game (and eventually the series), fans were livid and many sent Bartman death threats for basically doing something they would have done if they were sitting in his seat. Nevermind that Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez made a critical error and the pitchers couldn’t get out of the inning.  It was all Bartman’s fault. Irrational now? Of course.  Back then? Pure passion.

Now to the weirdness of desiring stuff you wouldn’t normally. I’m a big Yankees fan, have been since I was 7. But we’re playing Tampa Bay tonight, and they are dead even with the Red Sox for the final playoff spot in the American League, and tonight is the last game of the regular season.  I want the Yankees to lose, only because I want the city of Boston to cry that the Red Sox didn’t make the playoffs. Yeah, I want my team to have outfielders pitch and attempt to bunt at every at bat so the Sox will lose. What the what?

Sports can make people crazy like nothing else out there. And I love it.

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