The Importance of Consistency

You could be a smart QB with a rocket arm who throws for 4000 yards and 40 TDs over the course of a season, but if you alternate between games of 350 yards/3 TDs and 150 yards/0 TDs, you’re likely not taking your team to the Super Bowl.

A TV show can be entertaining and deliver great ratings in a season, but if the show can’t replicate that success season after season, it’s going to lose viewers and won’t be on the air for long.

You could be a great marketer and run a great campaign for your product and service but if you’re not continually communicating with your customers and delivering value, you’ll likely lose them to your competitors.

Being good or smart once or twice isn’t enough to win. You have to deliver at a high level, all the time. Consistency is really, really important.

I hope that my blog posts are somewhat interesting and provoke some thoughts, but if I posted more often than once a month, I might have more than 30 readers. I’ll try to be more consistent. 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Consistency

  1. Good points. One must also consider their level of readiness. If you have that one idea or a young phenom shows a little in a few AAA plate appearances, you have to have the courage to be patient if there is any doubt about the ability to be consistent. There is some kind of correlation between consistency and maturity. I’ll let the smart folks out there tell me the precise formula.
    Keep up the good posts Chan.

    1. True but you can expect that person to be consistent at a few things, like taking pitches or running bases well, as other aspects of his game progress over time.

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