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Startup Weekend DC Recap

Startup Weekend DC (SWDC) was held this past weekend at 1776 and I volunteered to help out with the event. It was an awesome experience, and here’s a quick recap. Startup Weekend events bring together entrepreneurs who launch startups in 54 hours. Non-technical people, designers, and developers pitch ideas, form teams, build products, create a pitch deck, and present […]

Breadth vs. Depth – What’s Better For Your Career?

I’ve thought a lot and have had many discussions about this throughout my career. Should I be a generalist and build a broad base of skills and knowledge so I can be flexible and work different jobs in many industries, or should I go deep into one specific skill and/or industry and become a specialist? What’s best […]

Lessons Learned from Startup Weekend NEXT

This past Saturday, I completed Startup Weekend NEXT, which is an in-person class that teaches Steve Blank’s process of Customer Development. Twenty-three other entrepreneurs and I met with our teacher, Eric Koester of Zaarly, and other organizers, advisors, and mentors every Wednesday and Saturday over the last three weeks to learn how to “get out of the building” […]

Move Fast, Move Slow

I think there are situations in work and life where you should move fast and others where you should take it slow (or “quickly” and “slowly” if you want to be grammatically correct). My sometimes conflicting thoughts are below. Things to do fast: Workout / run – fast, meaning “high intensity” – it’s more effective […]

What I’ve Learned After One Month On My Own

It’s been exactly one month since I left my gig at the Caps and I’ve learned a few things working for myself at home. The more flexible and unpredictable your schedule is, the more important discipline and routines are  Now that I’m on my own, I have complete control over my schedule. I can plan […]

The Importance of Disconnecting From Work

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how sometimes I wish life were simpler and we could more easily disconnect from our gadgets. Lately, there’s been a lot of content out there about how to better disconnect from work, which is something that I and many people have a problem doing. When I […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Take That Big Step

That’s what the piece of paper from a fortune cookie told me. It also told me how to say”salt” in Mandarin. I held on to that fortune and now I’m following its wisdom (not the learning Chinese part). Today was my last day at the Washington Capitals / Monumental Sports and Entertainment and I’m leaving to work […]