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New Consulting Partnership with WiserAdvisor.com

I’m happy to announce that I’ve entered into a consulting partnership with WiserAdvisor.com, a startup based in Fairfax, VA, that helps connect people looking to better manage their wealth with accredited, pre-screened financial advisors (FAs). WiserAdvisor.com is part of Respond.com, which is a similar but more broad-based site that helps consumers find and hire local businesses […]

New Partnership with Exhilarator

I’m proud to announce that I’ve forged a consulting partnership with Exhilarator, a unique “startup factory” based in DC, and will provide them with marketing consulting and business development services. Exhilarator Overview Exhilarator is so unique because it is part accelerator, part services company, and part events company, all focusing on scaling startups. The accelerator accepts […]

Breadth vs. Depth – What’s Better For Your Career?

I’ve thought a lot and have had many discussions about this throughout my career. Should I be a generalist and build a broad base of skills and knowledge so I can be flexible and work different jobs in many industries, or should I go deep into one specific skill and/or industry and become a specialist? What’s best […]

New Partnership – Thorn Technologies

Great news! I just entered into an agreement to work with a software development shop called Thorn Technologies, one of Baltimore Business Journal’s top ten fastest growing private companies! Our engagement is really broad and will include strategy work for Thorn Tech clients, sales of current products, building of the Thorn Tech brand through content creation […]