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The Importance of Disconnecting From Work

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how sometimes I wish life were simpler and we could more easily disconnect from our gadgets. Lately, there’s been a lot of content out there about how to better disconnect from work, which is something that I and many people have a problem doing. When I […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Take That Big Step

That’s what the piece of paper from a fortune cookie told me. It also told me how to say”salt” in Mandarin. I held on to that fortune and now I’m following its wisdom (not the learning Chinese part). Today was my last day at the Washington Capitals / Monumental Sports and Entertainment and I’m leaving to work […]

Feelin’ lucky? The role of luck in success

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across a few articles and quotes about the role of luck in success. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this in Outliers – how success many times can be attributed to factors outside of the subject’s control.  Jim Collins kind of agrees in this excerpt of his new book […]

Intellectual Curiosity

When you interview someone for a job, what do you typically look for? There are plenty of really important aspects, such as a relevant background, success in school or past jobs, ambition, strong people and communication skills, personality, fit into the company culture, among others. What I’ve found to be the most compelling trait is intellectual curiosity. I’m not […]

Accounting for Groupon

In the class that I teach at Georgetown, we assigned a midterm where our students had to build a media plan to promote a local sports team. Costs were assigned to various marketing channels, e.g placing banner ads on a local website cost $5K, building a Facebook page costs $10K, etc.  One of the students […]