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Process > Results

I recently listened to the book titled Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts by poker champion Annie Duke.  Being a poker player, I was naturally compelled to read this book. And being an entrepreneur, I totally understand the difficulty of making decisions with little information. And Thinking in Bets crystallized […]

Lessons learned from Isaiah Thomas’ letter to Boston after being traded

Even if you’re not an NBA or sports fan, I think this story is something you’ll appreciate. Isaiah Thomas is the former point guard for the Boston Celtics and was recently traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He recently penned a heartfelt letter on The Players’ Tribune telling how it all went down, how devastated he was, […]

How business is like poker

Business can be a lot like poker sometimes. Many people take the wrong approach to poker and gambling. When gamblers are losing money, they will keep playing to try to win back their losses. I see poker players spend hours at the table, lose stacks and stacks of money, and have no idea why. And when […]

How Nike lost Steph Curry – and why the little things matter

I read this amazing article on ESPN about how Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour. It’s long, so read it after you read this post. 🙂 Basically, Nike f’d up during their pitch to renew Steph’s deal in 2013. Nike was the incumbent and had every advantage in signing him again. Yet they didn’t value him […]

Your value is what the market will bear

A few days ago I penned a piece titled “What’s the right way to assess value?” After yesterday, I now know that value is determined by supply and demand, and how much the market will bear. Yesterday was the first day of free agency for the NFL, and money was thrown around like there’s no […]

Philly Half Marathon ran, $4605 for American Cancer Society raised

In July, I launched my fundraising campaign where I would run a half marathon and raise $1,500 for the American Cancer Society because I really, really, really hate cancer. On Sunday, I completed the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon along with 22,000 fellow runners (that’s me in the front right of the picture – just kidding). […]

Move Fast, Move Slow

I think there are situations in work and life where you should move fast and others where you should take it slow (or “quickly” and “slowly” if you want to be grammatically correct). My sometimes conflicting thoughts are below. Things to do fast: Workout / run – fast, meaning “high intensity” – it’s more effective […]