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I’m Starting a New Gig at Thesis*!

I’ll be leading marketing at Thesis*, a crypto venture studio. Happy New Year!  We’re kicking off 2023 with some big news in Chan Land – I am super excited to announce that I’m joining Thesis* as Director of Marketing! If you don’t know Thesis*, you will soon, because that’s part of my job. 😉 Thesis* […]

Real Use Cases of Crypto

Crypto for Beginners – The Real Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are primarily used as a medium of exchange for their ecosystems, for governance, and to provide user rewards – not to replace fiat money.  In a prior post, I wrote about the four myths you should strike from your mind when thinking about crypto. Myth #1 is that all cryptocurrencies are trying to replace […]

Decentralized Networks

Crypto for Beginners: Blockchain is All About Permissionlessness

Blockchain technology facilitates permissionlessness and censorship resistance. In my last post, I mentioned how I explained the 4 myths of crypto to my friend who is starting on her crypto journey.  In this post, I’ll communicate how I continued to explain crypto to her to make her say, “Holy shit Mike, that was the best […]

Beeple’s $69M NFT Sale – A Story of Consistency

Beeple’s massive NFT sale is a lesson in consistency and getting better everyday. The graphic artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, just sold an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) for $69,000,000 dollars at a Christie’s auction. An NFT is a piece of digital artwork that is minted on a blockchain to prove ownership. Google the term […]

How Crypto Marketing is Different than Other Industries

Changing rules and regulations, the presence of scams, a larger number of target segments, and many other reasons make crypto marketing very different.  Over the course of my 20-year career (yup, I’m getting old), I’ve done all kinds of marketing in many different industries.  I have experience with content marketing, traditional and online advertising, event […]

3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Important and Valuable

Books have been written about why Bitcoin is valuable, and I can certainly write many blog posts about this topic.  But I’d like to boil this down to a few primary reasons why Bitcoin is important to me, and why it may be important to you as well. If you haven’t read my blog post […]

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Wow, I haven’t blogged here in over 6 months. Sorry about that! I missed you all. Well, I’m back! Anyway, some of you know that I’ve been a fan of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Although they may be overhyped, I’m going to hype it some more. 🙂 I think blockchain is one of the most important […]