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A chip on the shoulder. Hard working. High motor. All of these words describe a trait that I’m really fond of – scrappiness. Someone who earns that last dollar.  Someone who doesn’t feel entitled to anything. Someone who appreciates what they have and works hard for it. I think of some professional athletes that are […]

Default to action

I recently interviewed a startup CEO for my podcast (episode coming out in a few weeks). When I asked the question, “What three traits or characteristics do you look for in people you work with?”, one of his answers was “I look for people who default to action.” “Default to action” – I love it. […]

Asking the right questions vs. giving the right answer

I love when people answer a question with an inquisitive question. For the most part, I think it reflects on the person’s curiosity and ability to think critically. Of course, there are straightforward questions where this isn’t applicable. There’s no arguing “What’s 2+2?” The answer is 4. “What is the most populous country on Earth?” […]

Seeing things that others don’t

Seeing things that others may not see is one of the most powerful skills that you can have, and it can give you the ability to create massive success. I thought about this last night as I watched the movie The Big Short. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a great film about the financial […]