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How does other people’s success make you feel?

Unless you’re Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or some other ridiculously wealthy person, there is always going to be someone who is more successful than you are, at least financially. How does that make you feel? I think other people’s success can bring out a spectrum of feelings. Starting from the crappy end, you can be […]

Do you have a Plan B?

For the most part, it’s great to have a backup plan. When an NFL quarterback is about to run a play but sees that the defense’s setup will defend it well, he calls an audible. That’s his plan B. If you’re applying for colleges, you don’t only apply to one school, you apply to a […]

The power of healthy conflict

Maybe I should have been a trial lawyer, because I really like arguing. My wife and friends will attest to this. I’ve had fierce arguments with my friends about why the US should move to the metric system (1s, 10s, 100s, and 1000s are much easier to work with than 12s), why people are wrong […]

It only takes one

There are a few things in life where it only takes one, and then you’re pretty much set. But these things are really hard to achieve. A sports championship. A strong marriage. A successful startup exit. So many things have to go right in order to attain these accomplishments. There are so many great pro […]

If making history was easy, why bother?

After the Golden State Warriors’ game 4 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kobe Bryant sent a text to Warriors power forward Draymond Green that said, “If making history was easy, why bother?” I love that. Why bother with doing anything that’s difficult? Why bother with pushing yourself to be better? Why bother with getting […]

One-on-one attention vs. automation

Paul Graham, founder of accelerator Y Combinator, wrote a famous startup essay called “Do things that don’t scale.” Give it a read, I’ll still be here. 🙂 Graham said that in order to get your startup off the ground, you need to do things that might take a lot of time – like engaging your […]

Why I disagree that startup ideas are worthless

In the startup world, most will say that an idea is worthless, and it’s all about execution. I disagree. Of course, execution is absolutely essential, and an idea with zero execution is worthless. But coming up with many possible ideas and selecting the right idea is very, very important. If your idea is a social […]

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Overnight successes are rarely that. Positive outcomes just don’t happen because of pure luck. Quick wins are rarely quick. The underdog who makes a deep run in the NCAA tournament, the team who beats 5000-1 odds to become league champions, or the startup that seemingly comes out of nowhere – all of those happen because of hard […]

Are startups more like hockey or basketball?

  Which startup approach should you take – the hockey or basketball approach?  In hockey, the more shots you take, the better your chances of scoring and winning. Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals is the NHL’s best scorer, and season after season he leads the league in shots on goal. Shooting percentage doesn’t matter. […]