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How Crypto Marketing is Different than Other Industries

Changing rules and regulations, the presence of scams, a larger number of target segments, and many other reasons make crypto marketing very different.  Over the course of my 20-year career (yup, I’m getting old), I’ve done all kinds of marketing in many different industries.  I have experience with content marketing, traditional and online advertising, event […]

Marketing is the easiest and hardest job at the same time

Marketing is really easy. And it’s hard. Both at the same time. I learn that everyday. NYU Stern is one of the best universities in the world for finance. And I got my MBA there in marketing (though Stern is pretty good at Marketing, too). At Stern, the finance majors would constantly poke fun at all of […]

Building a movement is the best kind of marketing

One of the things I like best about marketing is how it can motivate people to take action and think differently about the status quo. Online marketing has become so effective because you can measure nearly everything that someone does on the internet and spring upon them the perfect offer at the perfect time. And […]

Let Your Personality Shine in Your Product

A couple of years ago, the folks at startup accelerator Y Combinator put on a series of lectures called “How to Start a Startup” at Stanford University. My favorite lecture was lecture 7, “How to Build Products Users Love“, which was presented by Kevin Hale, Founder of online form company Wufoo and now Partner at […]

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3 types of communities that are crucial for a startup’s growth

Communities have been an enduring theme on my podcast and have been crucial to the growth of many of my guests’ businesses. While I’ve taken a break from podcasting, I continue to listen to past episodes and learn from my guests, and it’s no doubt how important communities are to their success. Being involved with […]

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Why I started posting blog articles to Facebook again

I never used to post my blog articles to Facebook. I thought that my Facebook friends wouldn’t care to read my blog posts and that I’d be clogging their news feeds with my business-y jibber jabber. I’m sure many ignore my posts in their news feeds, and that’s to be expected. But some of the articles […]

How consistent is your brand?

I’m sitting in a Whole Foods having breakfast while my car is getting an oil change, and I’m in awe of how well this company brands its supermarkets. The Whole Foods’ brand is based on being healthy, high quality, and sustainable. And I can’t put my finger on just one thing, but once I walk into […]

Getting into the right frame of mind

All work isn’t created equal. There are difficult tasks and easy tasks. There are tasks that you can execute quickly and others that may take a long time. Some tasks might require more brainpower or physical energy than others. For some tasks – namely the difficult ones that require brainpower and may take a long […]