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I’m raising funds for the American Cancer Society and just launched my first fundraising campaign on Crowdwise called “Running Because I Hate Cancer.” I hope you’ll donate and join me in the fight against cancer.

I really, really, really hate cancer a lot. I lost my Dad to nasopharyngeal cancer and my uncle to bone cancer. My best friend’s mom passed away from esophageal cancer, my sister’s best friend’s mom died of lung cancer, and my former boss’s mom succumbed to breast cancer. And I know many others who have been negatively impacted by this stupid disease.

Now my aforementioned best friend, Mike, the same guy who lost his mother to cancer, has thyroid cancer. Enough already.

So I’m running the Philly Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon on September 21, 2014 to raise money for the American Cancer Society, and I’d love your help in raising $1,500 $3000 to accelerate cancer research.

Cancer is such a shitty disease that has negatively impacted too many lives. I’d like to do my part in helping to get rid of this disease and I hope you’ll join me. Please donate here – any amount will help immensely.

Thank you for your support.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:31 pm July 30, 2014

Good for you, Mike! I share my hatred of running with you. And cancer can just die in hell for all I care.

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